Congratulations to the following people completing courses in 2019....


Discover Scuba Diving 

Yusuf Mirza              Natalie Morrison            Christopher Lordan
Claire Lordan           Jamie Butwell                Joe Armson
Lacie Patching          Kier Patching                Paul Staunton
Austeja Cepokaityte  Andrew Furphy             Oliver Peachey
Viktor Metsai           Darren Culverwell          Shaun Cartwright
Andrew Cummings   Caitlin Gretton               Paul Cooper
Samantha Dunlop    

PADI Seal Team 

Nathaniel Rouse           Lara Perez

PADI Master Seal Team 

Jack Carter

Junior Open Water

Leo Norris             Austeja Cepokaityte
Poppy Baker          Finley Baker
Antoine Colin

Open Water 

Luke Andrews         Sara Gammelgaard
Jonas Berglund       Frank Gould
Jack Parker            Jamie Butwell
Robert Hadhazy      Sarah Jackson
Kristian Baker         Jordan Pryce
Michael Norris        Remi Norris
Charles Crawford    Jasper Cook
Tom Brook             Andy Howe

Rescue Diver 

Raphael Perez         Sam Ettridge               
Ian Tonks

Junior Advanced Open Water

Antoine Colin

Advanced Open Water 

Luke Andrews          David Nisbet
Arturs Makarovs       Sara Gammelgaard
Jonas Berglund        Stephanie Pickles
Vytautas Cepokaitis  Darcy Froud
Robert Hadhazy       Jordan Pryce
Paula Mason 

Dry Suit Diver

Arturs Makarovs      Jamie Butwell
Jack Parker            Darcy Froud
Robert Hadhazy      Kristian Baker
Jordan Pryce          Charles Crawford

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Sarah-Louise Lordan    Paul Strachan

Deep Diver

Arturs Makarovs       Luke Andrews
Sara Gammelgaard   Jonas Berglund 
Raphael Perez          Vytautas Cepokaitis
Grahame Smith 

Recreational Twinset Diver

Terence Orford           Ian Tonks
Arturs Makarovs

Sidemount Diver

Terence Orford           Ian Tonks
Arturs Makarovs

Enriched Air Diver

Sam Ettridge             Vytautas Cepokaitis
Arturs Makarovs        Darcy Froud
Robert Hadhazy        Paula Mason

EFR/Care for Children

Raphael Perez            Sam Ettridge 
Antony Hullett            Nathan Gardner
Peter ORourke           George Buist

EFR-Primary Care & Secondary Care

Ian Tonks

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Raphael Perez            Sam Ettridge

Tec 40

Phill Pain          David Southcott

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Antony Hullet         Peter Joyce

up to 11/9/19

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